Thursday, August 20, 2009

EVERETT & JONES - Classic BBQ in an Oakland Institution

Or maybe anwhere else. But you all already knew that. So I won't do the sell you on the BBQ speech. What I will do is let you know that I've discovered a nice little treat there. Something a bit healthier than straight BBQ ribs or chicken, with all the flavor and heat of the original.

The ribs are amazing, and so is the BBQ chicken, but with all the potato salad and the cornbread, they're not exactly diet food. But a friend of mine (our PFC) showed me a little trick. They've got something here they call the BBQ chicken salad and if one orders a bit of hot sauce, along with the standard bit of dressing (I like Ranch with the BBQ sauce) it's a hot, tasty, treat without the calories of a full plate of Bar-b-que. So that's my little tip. It's become a lunchtime staple.

However, if you would prefer the standard fare, E&J still serves up the most amazing, well-cooked and delicious ribs anywhere on the planet. They may not be the only style, and some prefer the dryer kind of ribs, but none are better, and their hot sauce is HOT!

As always, Bon Appetit!

Everett & Jones
126 Broadway (2nd Street)
Oakland, CA 94617

Price: Inexpensive - Reasonable
Dining time: this totally depends on service, which while really friendly can be slow, probably because ribs take such a long time to prepare, and if they run out right after you arrive, the next batch can be awhile. Still a great place for lunch, so if you care, ask before being seated.
Table size: More than adequate for food served.

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