Friday, August 14, 2009

COACH SUSHI - Grand Avenue

Coach Sushi is a small Japanese Restaurant on Grand Avenue, just past the intersection of Grand and Staten in Oakland, across from one end of Lake Merritt. Sushi is a staple of mine, something I eat a lot of, because I love it, so there will probably be quite a few places listed here before I'm done. Sushi restaurants now seem to be as plentiful as Chinese take-out was when I was a kid.

This restaurant is a clean, fresh place to get simple Sushi. The menu is not overly long, and the choices they have encompass most of the standard Sushi choices. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable. On this visit, my BH and I ordered the combination Bento Boxes. Mine was tuna sashimi (Maguro) and California Roll, and his was Chicken Teriyaki and tuna sashimi. We also ordered a sushi "Rainbow" roll, which included salmon, avocado, sashimi and shrimp.

The best thing about this place is the perfect miso soup. Sometimes miso is too salty, other times it's not hot, but they do a perfect broth, well-seasoned and they don't skimp on those little soy bits. The Bento boxes are served with a plentiful accompaniment of all the traditional garnishes (wasabe and ginger). I hate having to ask some places for sufficient ginger for my sushi.

The thing I like least about it is their salad. I am not really a fan of the dressing. It seems to be made of minced carrot or some other moderately vegetably-substance that doesn't really have enough flavor to make iceberg lettuce tasty. It's okay, just nothing I much care for.
But the fish is fresh, owner is extremely pleasant (it has the vibe of a family establishment, but I've never asked). All in all, a nice place to eat if you like sushi, you only have an hour for lunch and you are in Oakland. They are open Tuesday - Friday for lunch.

Bon Appetit!

Coach Sushi
Japanese Cuisine
532 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610


Price: Inexpensive
Dining time: easily done in an hour
Table size: Adequate

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